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AAHAM Certified Revenue Cycle Executive


Intended Audience

This exam is intended for all senior/executive leaders in the revenue cycle industry, to help equip you for strategic management of the business.  This certification possesses the highest level of difficulty combining content knowledge of the business with critical thinking and communication skills. The Executive Revenue Cycle Certification demonstrates a high level of achievement and distinguishes you as a leader and role model in the revenue cycle industry. The certification validates your proficiency and commitment to your profession and can play an integral role in your career strategy. In many instances, certification may help you secure the promotion or the job you desire. In the healthcare revenue cycle industry, the Executive Revenue Cycle Certification is comparable to earning a CPA or passing the bar exam. Both designate mastery of the art of revenue cycle management, the CRCE-I for those who work in an institutional  (hospital, health system) setting, and the CRCE-P for those in a professional (clinic, physician) setting.

Exam Overview

The Executive Certification is a comprehensive online, proctored, eight (8) hour exam covering focused revenue cycle subject matter that includes patient access, billing, credit/collections and revenue cycle management. The exam is comprised of multiple-choice, true/false, fill in the blank, short answer, essay, and quantitative questions. AAHAM offers two types of Executive certification; one focused on the revenue cycle within an institutional (hospital, health system) setting and the other focused on the revenue cycle in a professional (physician, clinic) setting.


CRCE-I/CRCE-P exams are available to National AAHAM members, in good standing. The applicant must have a minimum of four (4) years of experience in a healthcare related field. A two (2) year associate degree or a degree from an accredited university or college can be substituted for two (2) years of experience. When using an educational waiver for experience, a transcript copy must accompany the application.

CRCE-I/CRCE-P Sections

Sections included in the CRCE exams include:

CRCE-I Sections, CRCE-P Sections

  1. Patient Access
  2. Front Desk
  3. Billing
  4. Credit/Collections
  5. Revenue Cycle Management

Exam Format

The exam is comprised of four (4) sections that contain multiple-choice, true/false, fill in the blank, short answer, essay and quantitative questions. Examinees must initially sit for all four (4) sections of the exam. Each section is graded separately, and each of the four (4) sections must be passed with a score of 70% or greater in order to earn the certification designation. If one (1) or two (2) sections are failed, a retake of those sections is permitted. If three (3) or more sections are failed, a retake of the entire exam is required.

Dual Certification

Individuals who currently hold the CRCE-I or CRCE-P certification designation may take a three (3) section exam to obtain dual Certification. All sections of the dual CRCE-I/CRCE-P exam must be successfully passed (70% correct) to earn a dual certification. If two (2) of the three (3) sections are successfully passed, the remaining section can be retaken. If less than two (2) sections are passed, the entire exam must be retaken.

Exam Retakes

Exams for failed sections must be retaken within eighteen (18) months of the initial exam date.

Exam Refunds and Postponements

CRCE-I/CRCE-P application fees are non-refundable and are non-transferable. A one-time postponement is allowed if extenuating circumstances prevent an individual from sitting for a scheduled exam. To request a postponement, the examinee must provide written notice to the AAHAM National Office by the specified postponement deadline, which is included with the exam confirmation. Postponements are only allowed once and can only be transferred to the next exam cycle.


Written notification of test results will be forwarded to examinees no later than ninety (90) days from the date the exam was taken. The time required is a result of the rigorous and thorough hands-on grading process.

Exam Frequency

The exams are held three times a year; March, July, and November.

Exam Preparation

AAHAM certification examinations require comprehensive working knowledge of patient account management, financial operations, information systems, governmental regulations and policies that govern revenue cycle procedures. However, hands-on experience is not sufficient; candidates will need to enhance and refresh their knowledge through independent and group study programs. Participation in study opportunities provided by your local chapter and/or the national organization is highly recommended.

Study opportunities include:

  • A downloadable CRCE-I/CRCE-P study outline included in the CRCE exam fee. The study outline can also be purchased separately.
  • A comprehensive CRCE-I/CRCE-P Exam Study Manual is available for purchase. The manual is designed to assist you in studying for the CRCE certification as chapters correspond to each section of the exams, with material targeted and geared toward exam questions. It features knowledge checks (practice questions) to help gauge your progress.
  • In-depth training webinars available on a CD cover each section of the exam. See the link above to access the order form.
  • Online practice exams are offered to assist in identifying your strengths and weaknesses to help focus your study efforts. See the link above to access the order form.
  • Training and coaching opportunities are offered by local AAHAM chapters. For more information see the link above to locate the contact information for the Chapter Certification Chair in your local area.