Chapter Bylaws

Constitution & By-Laws

Date of Last Review: January, 2023


The name of this organization shall be the South Dakota Rushmore Chapter of the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management.


The purpose of the South Dakota Rushmore Chapter of the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management shall be to:
A. Promote and encourage the recognition of patient/clinic/practice account management, as an integral part of the financial management of health care accounts receivable.
B. Encourage the implementation of effective business and receivable management Policies and Procedures in all healthcare facilities.
C. Stimulate and encourage the exchange of information and experiences among the membership.
D. Develop and implement programs and publications to further the education and knowledge of the general membership in the area of health care receivable management.
E. Establish standards of performance for persons involved in the management of patient/clinic/practice accounts receivable.
F. Cooperate with other groups and organizations to facilitate the advancement and recognition of the general membership.
G. The South Dakota Rushmore Chapter is a local chapter of the National Association and therefore recognizes that it is subject to the Constitution & By-Laws, Regulations & Code of Ethics established by the National Organization.
H. The South Dakota Rushmore Chapter acknowledges the jurisdiction of the National Association and will not operate contrary to the philosophy of the National Organization.


A. Membership shall be on an individual basis and not on an institutional basis.
B. A member shall be an individual involved in or interested in the management of the health care industry or related field conducting business in the health care industry.
C. Application for membership shall be in writing.
D. Membership shall not be transferable from individual to individual.
E. A member who changes his or her employment during a membership year shall continue their membership during the remainder of the year for which their dues have been paid.
F. An elected board member is responsible for active participation in the chapter, and activities of the board. The President may authorize a participation review of any board member, to the chapter board members, at any time within the board member’s term. The inactive board member will be allowed two documented warnings, at least one in writing, and with at least 2 executive board members present. If non-participation continues, the remaining active board members will vote upon the member’s dismissal from the board. Once a board member becomes inactive, they are dismissed from the board and the Executive board members appoint a new member to their place.


A. Annual membership dues shall be for a calendar year, beginning January 1.

Section 1 Eligibility

A. All National members in good standing shall have the right to vote.
B. Proxy voting may not be used for issues voted upon by the general membership.

Section 2 Voting Privileges

A. Any issues requiring a membership vote may only be made by those holding National membership.

Section 3 Majority

A. All matters except as otherwise specified in this Constitution and By-Laws shall require a simple majority of the voting membership.

Section 1 General Meetings

A. The Board shall designate the site of the meetings and the meeting place shall be within South Dakota.
B. A quorum is required to convene a meeting of the members.
C. Requests for daily meeting rates will be reviewed by board on case-by-case basis unless specific daily rate has already been offered by conference. Requests from attendees must be submitted 1 week prior to conference to be considered.
D. Scholarship applications for registration fee waivers must be submitted to a chapter board member at least two (2) weeks prior to the conference for consideration of Board of Directors. Application must be completed in its entirety before being considered.
E. An additional fee will apply for registrations received the day of the conference.
F. Any cancelations received after 7 business days prior to the conference will not be refunded.

Section 1 Composition of the Board of Directors

A. The Board of Directors will be the governing body of the organization and will conduct the business of the chapter.
B. The board will consist of an odd number of elected Directors.
C. All Directors shall be a national member of AAHAM and in good standing.
D. Elections will be conducted as prescribed in the Nationals By-Laws.

Section 1 Composition of the Executive Committee

A. The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers of the South Dakota Rushmore Chapter, to include the Chairperson of the Board, President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 1 Officers

A. Only members who are employees of health care providers or related agencies shall be eligible to hold the office of Chairperson of the Board, President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer.
   1. Not more than (1) one executive board member may be from a related agency.
B. Disbursement from the chapter’s bank account requires two signatures or executive oversight and the signatory is bonded if annual receipts exceed $15,000.
C. The Treasurer may reimburse approved expenses for the business of the South Dakota Rushmore Chapter subject to the requirement of an Executive Board approval on receipt for a cash disbursement greater than $1,000.

Section 2 Terms of Office

A. No term limits for executive board positions.
B. To serve on the executive board, you have to have served at least (1) one term as a Director (member at large).

Section 3 Vacancy in Office

A. If a vacancy occurs in any elected office during the course of a calendar year, it shall be the responsibility of the remaining Executive Committee members to select an eligible member to complete the term of the vacant office except the office of President.
B. If the office of President becomes vacant, the elected Vice-President shall immediately assume the office of President. It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee to select a new Vice-President.
C. In the event an Officer or Board Director leaves the health care industry for another non-related industry, he/she will give notice to the Executive Committee and will vacate immediately the present position held with South Dakota Rushmore Chapter AAHAM.
D. If an elected Officer or Board Director loses their present job position but seeks to continue employment with the health care industry, they will have up to, but not exceeding, six (6) months in which to do so before they would be required to vacate their present elected office.
E. If a vacancy exists in the non-elected members of the Board of Directors, such a vacancy shall be filled at the discretion of the remaining board members.
F. During election years, an electronic ballot will be sent to eligible membership at least 30 days prior to the fall meeting.

Section 1 Nominating Committee

A. All ballots shall have provisions for write-in votes.
B. A member cannot be a nominee and/or hold more than one (1) elected office, unless offices are specifically combined.

Section 2 Membership Committee

A. It shall be the purpose of the Membership Committee to promote the increase of membership in South Dakota Rushmore Chapter and report on all matters relating to membership to the Executive Committee at their meeting.
B. The President shall appoint a Chairperson who will in turn appoint additional members as needed.

Section 3 Education Committee

A. The Education Committee shall develop and recommend to the Executive Committee programs and outlines for workshops, institutes, and seminars in accordance with the goals and objectives of the Chapter.
B. The Chairperson of the Committee will be appointed by the President, who in turn may appoint additional members to the Committee.

Section 4 Communications Committee

A. The President of the Chapter shall appoint a Chairperson, who in turn will appoint additional members of the Communications Committee. This Committee shall coordinate and prepare the material for the communications of the Chapter.

Section 5 Ways and Means Committee

A. The President of the Chapter shall appoint a Chairperson, who will in turn appoint two (2) additional members of the Ways and Means Committee. It shall be the responsibility of this Committee to examine and report on all matters relating to development of the Chapter including sources of income and expenditures for benefit of the chapter’s Membership. This Committee shall investigate and recommend to the Executive committee investments for financial assets of the Chapter.

Section 6 Networking Committee

A. The President of the Chapter shall appoint a Chairperson, who in turn will appoint additional members of the Networking Committee. This Committee shall coordinate and prepare social events for the Chapter.

Section 7 Other Committees and Assignments

A. The term of all committee members shall expire at the end of the term (2) unless otherwise provided for by action of the Executive Committee.


A. The Executive Committee will, however, vote each year on whether to send the President or his/her designee to the National Institute. This will be determined on the financial status of the Chapter each year.


A. The By-Laws of the South Dakota Rushmore Chapter of the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management may be amended, repealed, or changed by proposal of members, which must be approved by the majority vote of the Executive Committee and by written or verbal vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the voting membership.